We provide legal services for M&A transaction by appropriately responding to varied client needs.


We have deep experience and knowledge in handling and advising in critical situations such as hostile takeover bids (including a major matter in which the validity of exercise of a measure against a take-over bid was challenged), exercise of appraisal rights by shareholders, a lawsuit challenging the validity of attempts to squeeze-out minority shareholders.

We also provide legal services necessary for M&A transactions, such as structuring, analysis of friendly takeover bids and intra-group reorganizations, and engaging in legal due diligence, preparing contracts, press-releases and other documents, analyzing and advising on legal risks of management.

Further, we also render services of scheduling, arrangement with related parties, negotiation with related governmental authorities and parties. We also provide legal services not only for M&A transactions implemented in Japan but also cross-boarder M&A transactions such as acquisition of Japanese company shares by foreign companies and vice versa.