Makoto Nei

  • Telephone +81-3-5218-2086 (Direct)
Major Area of Practice

[Real estate, finance]
Legal advice on acquisition, sellout, leasing, management, development of real estate, setting up REITs and private placement funds, refinancing, exit strategy of funds, lawsuits relating to real estate, and advice on financing, bank transactions, registration of financial instruments business operator
[M&A related]
Various kinds of M&A including REIT M&A, intra-group restructuring, MBO/going private
[General corporate matters]
Advice on various transactions, introduction of “help-line” systems and related render services, forming an internal control and compliance system, operation of shareholders meetings, other general corporate matters
[Dispute resolutions]
Various kinds of lawsuits, non-contentious cases, provisional injunctions, executions and other kinds of dispute resolutions

1993 Tokyo Gakugei University
1993 - 1995 Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.
1995 Obtained qualification for real-estate transaction specialist
2001 Admitted to the bar (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
2011 Joined our firm

Bar Association Membership

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association


I have been engaged in overall corporate matters which include real-estate, finance and M&A related legal services as main pillars. By using my experience in real-estate business, I will provide practical and specialized legal advice.

Major Achievements
  • Business transfer between Shicoh Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tailong Motorcar Ornament Co., Ltd. (China side) (2013)
  • Outside member of the compliance committee of a REIT management company (2012-2017)
  • Stock acquisition of domestic audio manufacturer by Chinese major audio manufacturer (EDIFIER) (China side) (2011)
  • Real-estate development dispute between the local government and contractors (local government side) (2011)
  • Takeover bid for Fullcast Technology Co., Ltd. by YUMESHIN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (bidder side) (2011)
  • Capital and business alliance between Renown Incorporated and Shandong Ruyi Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd. (China side) (2010)
  • Rendering administrative functions for Japan Rental Housing Investments Inc. (2010-2012)
  • Takeover bid against Re-Plus Residential Investment, Inc. (current Japan Rental Housing Investments Inc.) (First TOB case against the REIT in Japan) (management company side) (2008)
  • Stock transfer of Yayoi Co., Ltd. (Seller side) (2007)
  • Hostile takeover bid for TOC Co., Ltd. (bidder side) (2007)
  • Business transfer from IDEE Co., Ltd. (transferee side)
  • Non-hostile takeover bid for Cecile Co., Ltd. (bidder side) (2005)
  • Hostile takeover bid for Japan Engineering Consultants Inc. and related injunctive action against share splitting (bidder side) (2005)
  • Hostile takeover bid for Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. and related injunctive actions against third party allotment of newly issued stocks or stock acquisition rights (bidder side) (2005)
  • Development of “help-line” system and related render services for Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (2005-)