In order to achieve our philosophy of “Client First,” we provide the best legal services to our clients.

We have successful experience mainly in the fields of the Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, having been engaged in front-line dispute cases, M&A cases and finance transactions. Based on a great deal of experience, we provide the best legal services from a strategic perspective and with a view to minimize future risks.

A company nowadays is managed on a structure to achieve improvement of corporate value by way of collecting capital from investors and financial institutions on finance and realizing appropriate governance to the management who manages such capital.

Therefore, deep knowledge and understanding of both finance and governance areas becomes more important in the legal services for a company. In this point, we provide the best legal services by our lawyers who have engaged in both finance and governance.

We provide extensive and interactive legal services in the field of four major corporate matters.

Corporate Governance

We will support all legal aspects of your daily corporate matters by bringing our extensive experience and knowledge. We have extensive experience and achievements in critical situations such as proxy fights, dismissal of president, and misconduct cases. Based on such experience and knowledge, we will give all legal advice to minimize the future risk.



We have extensive experience in handling and advising in critical situation such as hostile buyouts or exercise of appraisal rights of a shareholder, a trial where the validity of squeeze-out was disputed. Based upon the know-how obtained from them, we provide overall legal services required for smooth implementation of M&A matters including drafting of agreements, due diligence etc.



We will provide various expertized services in the field of finance. We also give extensive advice for setting up and management of investment funds and related regulatory advice. We give specialized guidance for complicated financial products. We are acquiring the reputation as the best law firm in Japan to handle dispute to claim the recovery of loss occurred in derivative transactions, the problems related to thereto have been recognized as one of social problems.


Real Estate

On top of general real estate matters and dispute cases such as trials on REIT or private funds, we provide practical legal services including negotiations and drafting agreements, negotiation with relevant authorities, etc. in connection with various kinds of real-estate transaction. We have advanced know-how on the composition of scheme, and exits strategy of funds as well as M&A relating to real estate which have received attention in recent years.