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With respect to the handling of private information, we, Iwaida Partners, will comply with the laws and regulations concerning the protection of private information including Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (hereinafter collectively “Private Information Protection Act”) and our privacy policy as stipulated below to ensure the appropriate handling of personal and privacy information.

  1. Obtaining Private Information
    We will obtain private information by legal and appropriate measures and to the extent necessary for the achievement of the purpose of utilization of such information.
  2. Purpose of Utilization of Private Information
    Private information obtained for the purpose of any of the following items may be used for another purpose set forth in the same item; provided, however, that when the purpose of utilization is specified on this website or any other website linked to this website or in any other way at the time of obtaining private information, such private information shall only be used for that limited purpose:
    1. (1) For the implementation of our legal services;
    2. (2) For the provision of information in connection with our legal services;
    3. (3) For making a greeting, announcement or introduction of seminars or sending newsletters, etc.;
    4. (4) For the communication with regards to the recruitment activities between our firm and legal apprentices, those admitted to the bar, legal professionals, applicants for staff positions or any other applicants, as well as conducting questionnaire researches and screening of such applicants;
    5. (5) For the communication with regards to the externship for law graduates or any other students between our firm and such students or their schools etc., as well as conducting questionnaire researches to them; and
    6. (6) For any other purposes associated with or related to the purposes of the above items
  3. Utilization of Private Information Other Than for Intended Purposes
    We will not use the private information for the other purposes as set forth in the preceding paragraph without obtaining the consent of a provider of such information, except where the utilization is permitted under applicable laws and regulations or the purpose of utilization is notified or announced beforehand.
  4. Provision of Private Information to A Third Party
    We will not provide private information to a third party without the consent of a provider of such information except where the provision of the information to a third party is permitted under applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Implementation of Safety Control Measures for Private Information
    We will handle private information in an appropriate manner and take any necessary and appropriate measures to prevent divulgence, loss or damage of the private information. We will also give appropriate supervision to all our workers with respect to handling of private information, and in case we entrust subcontractor(s) to handle private information, we will supervise such subcontractor to handle private information appropriately.
  6. Request for Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use Etc. of Private Information
    In case of request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of utilization, elimination, suspension of provision to a third party or notification of the purpose of use, we will act properly in accordance with the Private Information Protection Act upon confirmation of identification. For details, please contact us at following information.
  7. Contact Information
    Our general administration department will be the contact for any suggestions, inquiries, request for disclosure etc. and any other inquiries regarding handling of private information:
    Email: info@iwaidalaw.com
    Telephone +81-3-5028-2084
    (Weekdays from 9:30am to 12:00pm and from 1:00pm to 5:00pm)
    We will respond promptly and appropriately in case we receive any complaint on our handling of private information.
  8. Modification to Privacy Policy
    We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time if necessary.