We provide specialized legal advice on finance transactions necessary for finance of companies.


We provide specialized legal service in finance transactions, such as banking transactions, debt and equity finance, securitization of asset, etc. We assist clients by preparing contracts, disclosure documents and arranging independent committees, etc.

We have also extensive experience and accomplishments in responding to related parties including stock exchanges and litigations in finance transactions such as injunctive actions against new stocks or rights. In consideration of our accumulated know-how from the critical cases, we provide specialized legal advice on finance upon emergency of companies. Further, we also render services of formulating efficient and effective scheme and scheduling, arrangement with related parties, negotiation with related governmental authorities and parties as necessary. In addition, we also deal with a lot of dispute cases in financial transactions including derivative instruments. We have also experience in providing legal advice on a variety of financial transactions such as administrative service to financial instruments and exchange firms, setting up investment trusts whose shares are offered based on private placement or stock compensation plan, etc.